Reverend Alan Walker

Lifeline was founded in 1963 by the late Reverend Dr. Sir Alan Walker, when he took a call from a distressed man who lawyer took his own life. Determined not to let isolation and lack of support be the cause of more deaths, Sir Alan launched a 24-hour crisis support line. Its inception was formed the the message that sits at the heart of what we do:


You don't have to be alone.

Someone who cares is available 24 hours a day


To become a Reverend Alan Walker Fellow and pledge your support and annual donation, simply contact Lifeline Macarthur today. Your nominated gift of $1.000 or greater can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly to suit your needs.


By becoming a Fellow you will be presented with a personalised plaque, Lifeline Macarthur pin and ongoing promotion of your support and relationship with Lifeline Macarthur.


Your support can help save lives.


Contact us today to become a fellow on 02 46457200 or email