Lifeline History

"I'm a failure!"

These were the words spoken by a late night, anonymous caller to the late Reverend Sir Alan Walker, over 45 years ago. Alan Walker was at that time, superintendent of the Wesley Central Mission in Sydney. He spoke for some time with the caller, who refused to give his address. Some days later, the police at Darlinghurst phoned Alan Walker, saying a body had been found with a letter addressed to Alan attached. It was the body of Roy Brown, the person Alan Walker had spoken to on the telephone.


It was discovered that Roy Brown was rejected by his parents and brought up by foster parents. He felt a failure. He had lost his job, and gradually had to sell his possessions one by one. The 'final straw' came when the finance company came to repossess his radiogram. Roy felt he couldn't live without his music.


Shortly after this tragic incident, another one followed when a child rang Alan Walker and said, "Help me, Mummy has taken a whole bottle of tablets and she won't answer". These and other incidents inspired Alan Walker to try and establish a mantle of Christ, a mantle of care over the Metropolitan Sydney.