Suicide Bereavement Support

Grief is a normal response to losing someone important to us. When someone dies by suicide, those bereaved often experience a very complicated form of grief caused by a combination of sudden shock, unanswered questions of ‘Why?’ and feelings of ‘What could I have done?’. They may experience a range of emotions highlighting the dramatic personal effect suicide can have and the important but difficult task of helping someone bereaved by suicide.

For those dealing with the suicide of someone they know, it is important that they feel free to talk about their reactions to suicide openly and honestly, to find support to make sense of what has happened, deal with their grief and learn how to live with their loss.

Suicide Bereavement Support Group

Lifeline Macarthur offers a support groups for those bereaved by suicide in Macarthur, Liverpool, Fairfield, Bankstown and the Southern Highlands.  The group is a safe place to share your thoughts, ideas and feelings with others who understand.  The group is structured so that those bereaved can share their experience as well as being supported in managing and moving through their grief. New members are always welcome.


For details regarding Suicide Bereavement Support Groups, please call 02 4645 7200 for more information.