Clothing Collections Points

Hosting a Corporate Clothing Collection Point (CCCP) is an opportunity for your organisation and employees to partner with Lifeline Macarthur as well as give back to the local community.


Help Lifeline Macarthur save lives – all proceeds from the sale of your donated items go towards helping people in crisis within the local community.


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How can you help?

Recycle your clothes and accessories which reduces landfill and conserves the environment.


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Partner with Lifeline

The CCCP initiative offers participating organisations opportunities to help those in need within their local community.  Benefits include:


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Help Lifeline Macarthur save lives – donate your new or preloved clothing and accessories and make a positive contribution to the community and environment through this fun employee engagement initiative.

How to get involved?

For more information about Lifeline Macarthur’s Corporate Clothing Collection Point please call 02 4645 7200 or email

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Setting up the Collection Point

Setting up the CCCP only takes three easy steps:

  1.  Position the CCCP in an accessible, highly visible area within the workplace
  2. Once installed place signage around the location promoting the CCCP

  3. Assign a collection point manager to organise pick up once it is full