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Dedicated to saving lives

Our Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors (“the Board”) is to represent Lifeline Macarthur in determining and demanding appropriate organisation performance. The essential job outputs of the Board primarily include linkage to the people served, definition of guiding principles and monitoring of the Executive Management performance primarily.

In addition to these three essentials, the Board shall exercise authority granted to it through the Constitution.  

The structure of the Board brings a varied and balanced skill set in order to provide governance oversight to the organisation. Reporting to the Board are advisory committees who also provide leadership and support to the Executive Management team.

Tony Ross, Lifeline Macarthur Board Chairman​

Tom Traae, Lifeline Macarthur Board Secretary​

Amy Woodley, Lifeline Macarthur Board Member​

Andy Carlisle, Lifeline Macarthur Board Member​

Erin McKerral, Lifeline Macarthur Board Member

Salesh Nandan, Lifeline Macarthur Board Member